Become the coach
of your dreams

with our fully integrated business technology

It’s more than just a list of features. We provide a complete business solution. Tailor-made for coaches like yourself. Better yet, we will guide you to becoming a coach who can enroll more clients so you can make a bugger impact on people’s lives.

So, what's really included?

Build a Professional Website​

There's no better place to set up your website and become a coach who sells​

Templates made for coaches​

Decades of experience went into designing world-class layouts that are perfect for your practice. We are constantly adding to the library of pages and blocks.

Our templates contain content suggestions and instructions to make your website build feel effortless.

Easy for anyone to use uses Elementor Pro, which has been recently recognized as the best overall website building platform available today! You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to create and edit content and styles. Whether you want to change the design of the entire website or make a tiny adjustment, creating and customizing your website is a breeze.

Works out of the box

All of the features provided by are already integrated into your website as soon as you sign up. You won’t need to build and configure! Just edit some text and styles – only customize as much as you feel inspired to.

Use your own domain​

We understand your practice is unique, and so should be your domain and URL! We will make it easy for you to launch your site on any domain of your choice.

Automate Email Marketing​

Let the tech nurture individual leads so that you can focus on delivering your services.​

Build relationships​

Our email sequence drip campaigns will send a thoughtful and inspiring series of messages to anyone who downloads your free resource or submits your contact form. A basic sequence is already in place, and you can customize it to make it yours.

Mass communicate​

Send announcements and newsletters to your subscribers directly from you dashboard. Our campaign builder is easy to use and features dozens of designs to choose from. Keeping your fans engaged has never been easier.

Stay out of the spam box​

We use Mailgun’s top tier mail servers and best practices, so that your emails always get delivered. Also, our basic email templates were written to engage, so that your messages will be read and new clients will want to book your calendar!

Delegate Appointment Booking​

Don't waste your time finding a time that works.
Our scheduler works for you so that you can get back to the work you love.​

A simple scheduler​

Just like an Appointy or Calendly, our booking widget makes it easy for prospects to pick a time to meet. It will put the event in your calendar and communicate with them to ensure they don’t miss the appointment.

Connect to Google Calendar​

Set your hours and connect to Google Calendar. From there on, our technology does the rest, ensuring you’re busy when it works best for you. You’ll never get double-booked and you can even tell it when you’re on vacation.

Connect to Zoom​

Easily set up to work for virtual coaching sessions by including a working conference link in the invitation to meet.

Collect payments​

Since your time is worth money, we make it easy to collect payments directly within the scheduling form. You can charge for consultations, events and even service packages.

Let Events Manage Themselves​

We're guessing the admin work is not your favorite part of hosting.​

Set it and forget it​

Just publish an event in your dashboard and you’re good to go:
it’s showing on your website and ready for guests to sign up.

Elegantly handled reservations​

Guests can see event details, RSVP, pay and even cancel all on their own. Our system will collect names and information, send confirmations and reminders, and even close the doors when the event sells out.

Everything in one place​

Forget Eventbrite and Facebook. We have all the fancy features set up, so all you have to do is announce it with our email marketing tools and then host the event.

Organize Clients & Payments​

Becoming a coach is about the people, so we've made it easy to track them all.​

Grow a steady income​

Easily track who’s enrolled and automatically collect their payments.

The key to financial success is making sure that all of your clients are paying regularly. We provide a solution to this critical aspect of your business that is simple for both you and your clients.

Everyone, in one place​

Our system remembers everyone who interacts with your business. From newsletter mailing lists to the people you’ve met and those who are paying your monthly fees; their information is all in one place, finally!

Enrollment: is it a pipeline, or a funnel?​

It doesn’t matter what you call it: takes people from curious to committed. We provide you with a complete toolkit to demonstrate, engage, meet, gather and enroll your ideal clients.

Real help from real people

Our entire purpose is to help you become a coach who impacts the world.​

You're not alone​

If at any point you get stuck, just reach out to chat or submit a ticket. We’ve even happy to jump on the phone! There will be no coach left behind!

Simple tutorials​

To help you get situated, we’ve recorded video tutorials on pretty much every topic we could think of. If you find something we didn’t cover, we’ll record yet another!

Dedicated to the greater good​ is more than a tech stack: we are a team of individuals all aligned on the purpose of empowering coaches to empower others. If you also believe in a better world, we will do anything we can to support you.

Business Coaching for Success​

That's right, we'll meet with you on zoom to check in and support you.​

Real human touch​

You don’t have to figure out everything on your own, we want to meet with you and help you launch and succeed. Our Coach Success Advocates and Consultants are here for you.

Coaches helping coaches​

Want to meet your peers? We are working on launching a program where coaches can support each other and work towards the greater goals of business success, client empowerment and world happiness.

What are you waiting for?

There has never been a better time to become a coach.
There is no better support than’s business technology.

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