Delegate Appointment Booking​

Don't waste your time finding a time that works. Our scheduler works for you so that you can get back to the work you love.​

A simple scheduler​

Just like an Appointy or Calendly, our booking widget makes it easy for prospects to pick a time to meet. It will put the event in your calendar and communicate with them to ensure they don’t miss the appointment.

Connect to Google Calendar

Set your hours and connect to Google Calendar. From there on, our technology does the rest, ensuring you’re busy when it works best for you. You’ll never get double-booked and you can even tell it when you’re on vacation.

Connect to Zoom

Easily set up to work for virtual coaching sessions by including a working conference link in the invitation to meet.

Collect Payments

Since your time is worth money, we make it easy to collect payments directly within the scheduling form. You can charge for consultations, events and even service packages.

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