A clear plan and a team to execute it are the keys to growing a successful coaching business and they’re attainable only through the coach.today

Business Empowerment Program

It's LIVE! with Adal Bermann

It’s the only business program for coaches created by an agency that offers everything needed to easily launch a coaching business: mentorship, coaching, done-for-you services, ongoing support, templates and technology.

With our program, you will finally be able to:

  • Grow your coaching into a thriving business
  • Create and sell an impactful and irresistible coaching program
  • Earn an abundant and stable income
  • Quit your job, pay your bills and feel secure about the future
  • Live a life of freedom and shine in the world!
  • Spend more time with the people & activities you love
  • Make a positive impact in people’s lives and a difference in the world
  • Be proud of yourself and earn the respect of your friends and family
  • Avoid repeating failure
  • Never feel like a fraud or dread sales
  • Stop wasting time and effort on dispersed effort
  • Not be intimidated by marketing and technology

Let's be honest...

If you want to learn from the most type-A, ultra-rich, dominant superstar in the world, to scale your business to 7 or 8 figures overnight with “secrets” that only veteran entrepreneurs can implement, then my program might not be for you. I’ve been in business for the last 12 years and although I don’t live in a multi-million dollar mansion, I love what I do and my work-life is well balanced. I’ve studied all the guru’s programs and I will gladly share their VIP Black-Belt Eagle Boss Secrets with you. Unlike them, I have time to give to you personally so that you get your coaching program off the ground without having to become a hyper intense workaholic who pretends to be free and relaxed.

Adal Bermann

In 2010, I started my first business from scratch, at the age of 24. Through my failures and successes, I learned the hard way what it takes to build a business from the ground up.

Over time, I learned how to manage a team and grew my practice into an agency. In the last decade, we helped hundreds of businesses grow with online marketing; from sole proprietors to fortune 500 corporations. 

Then, two years ago, I had a spiritual epiphany and committed to exclusively serving YOU, the coaching community. I decided to build and give away at low cost the exact tools you need to build systems to market and run your business online. 

After launching the platform, I saw a lot of coaches struggle with the technology and get stuck. I thought it might be technical issues, so I focused on fixing bugs and providing tech support. I changed nothing: many coaches using the system still couldn’t make progress.

That’s when I realized how self-centered I had been. I was taking my experience for granted. I wasn’t offering that which you need the most to succeed.

I came to realize that my knowledge of marketing and business is my greatest gift to you. Without a clear blueprint, there is no point in trying to build systems.

So I rolled up my sleeves and compiled a program that includes it all. The mindset coaching, the work habits and the plan of action to predictable success. How to package your coaching into an irresistible offer. How to get exposure in the marketplace. How to SELL your coaching to those who need it. How to run your program and ensure client success. The advanced skills on how to scale your business with strategy, automation and delegation.

Then of course, we also handle the systems to run your business, and the Done For You services to set everything up.

What we have created is the most comprehensive and specific solution available for you today. It is the perfect combination of knowledge, coaching, technology and services to create and operate a wildly successful coaching business. There will be no coach left behind.

If you have already tried to grow your coaching business and failed, it’s not your fault.

It’s because all the other resources available to you are incomplete solutions. They offer some pieces of the puzzle, but those don’t add up to a successful business!

As I said before, even coach.today’s platform, with all the features in one unified place, is not enough. Without a blueprint on how to use them, there is no purpose to systems.

Books, articles and courses only give you information to ponder, with no clear steps to follow and no accountability

Even gurus and business coaches only tell you what to do. They won’t get their hands dirty: they fail to provide the team and services you need to implement their instructions!

So no matter where you turn, you’re left alone to figure it out and make it happen.

If you asked your last boss, or even most people in business what they think about you becoming a coach, they might scuff at you. They might say that coaching doesn’t create real value, or they might question whether you are qualified to help others

That’s because the corporate world needs us to believe that we need it. This is how we remain stuck, investing our energy into a status quo we don’t want, instead of claiming our freedom and giving the world what WE KNOW it truly needs!

So we turn to gurus and influencers, only to find that they are all focused on the money, promising us to make 6 figures in one month or $1’000’000 in 100 days! Some of our competitors’ promises have become ridiculous, and worst of all, they are missing the point.

Our program was not built for the sleazy, sales-y people who see coaching as an alternative to stock brokerage and pyramid schemes.

We want to earn an abundant income by helping others and making a difference in the world. It’s not about chasing dollars and commas. The money will come if you follow our process, however, when that happens it is because we are committed to honesty, purpose and change

If you sincerely believe you have a gift for the world, even if you don’t know how to share it yet, and you are committed to achieving financial freedom through work that comes from your heart, in the service of others who need you; then coach.today’s empowerment program is for you.

I want you to mark September 8th on your calendars.

On that day, we will launch coach.today’s empowerment program,
which means it is the deadline to reserve your spot.

There are only 10 seats available for this first round.

Registering before the deadline – and before we sell out – is your only opportunity to participate in our program at half the cost.

This first cohort will be exceptional.

You will be pioneering the movement by attending the training live, while we record it. We will give a lot of attention to your very own questions, answered in real time.

You need to act right now.

I know, just continuing the way you are now is tempting… It’s easy.

By missing out on this opportunity, you could continue to struggle on your own for months, until our next cohort (which we haven’t scheduled yet). Then, will you be able to afford our full price? Will you even still have the energy to try?

Most coaches give up once they fail too long to get their needs met. Do you want to return to your 9-5 job and prove everyone else right? Or do you want to stand up and claim your freedom to live your destiny and impact the world?

I can help you, and you need to register now.

I remember when I first started consulting.

Stepping into something totally new with infinite opportunities… excitement mixed with fear of failure and even of success. It overwhelmed me

Getting my first few clients was very hard. I didn’t understand marketing or sales, and I was all over the place hustling for work.

Eventually I closed some deals, but my income was unreliable. The only constant was feeling overworked. I didn’t know my worth and was barely keeping my head above water.

I was scared to invest, but I finally realized that I couldn’t do it alone. I hired an expert to coach me, and then another, and I saw immediate results.

Once I started investing in my growth and working with others, everything changed very fast. My income went from erratic peaks and gaps to a steady upward trend. 

I went full-time and within a few months I was paying myself an $8K salary. 

The income kept growing so I started stashing it into my savings and investment accounts. I bought property, traveled the world and took long vacations.

Truthfully, it took a lot more than a coach to get there. I assembled a team, built processes and technology. I learned to delegate, strategize and plan ahead.

Now, I’m excited to share all this with you: the strategies, the coaching and even my team and the systems we use!

You see, a coaching business is a unique and complex animal.

Just like any other business, it involves a lot of moving parts and many things to set up and operate.

You need to close sales! You need to deliver; and you need to run a full-time business and look professional doing it!

Unlike most businesses however, because you are working with people’s intimate beliefs and fears, it requires a much more subtle approach to advertising and sales.

You can’t just put up a sign that says “You look like you could use some coaching!”

You have to find the right people, where they are hanging out. Then you have to show that you understand them and earn their genuine trust and respect.

So just throwing pre-baked business tactics into the marketplace won’t yield results.

YOU need to evolve. Your business will only grow as much as YOU are willing to. You need to become the ideal client you want to attract.

That’s why I created a highly-structured, all-inclusive business empowerment program

We start with the fundamentals, I dig deep into your identity, your fears and the beliefs that are holding you back. I build you up for success.

Then, I will show you how coaching is done today. I teach you the most modern tactics and I coach you through the entire process. My team and I work with you intimately and give you feedback on everything

We keep you accountable and provide support the whole way through.

Let’s talk in detail about what I am offering you right now.

The coach.today Business Empowerment Program is an accelerated, 16-week sprint during which you will learn and implement everything you need to succeed beyond your wildest dreams as a coach in the modern economic landscape. The program is divided into the following 8 steps:

1 - Get in the Success Mindset

To ensure that you don’t fail this time and so that you stop struggling with money, we will dig deep into your relationship with money, and how that ties into your value and self-worth. We will put a stop to any habits you have of selling yourself short. Then, to keep you 100% committed to success, we will tackle any limiting beliefs and fears that are causing you to self-sabotage. This will prevent you from getting distracted and giving up early.

Once we have cleansed you from the things that are holding you back, we will build new foundations for your success. To ensure you maintain motivation throughout any challenges, we will work on creating a winning mindset that will remain with you for the rest of your life. You will learn to implement the habits that separate the 4% who succeed from the 96% who fail. Finally, we will ensure that you maintain a healthy work-life balance throughout the entire process, safeguarding you from losing yourself in your business. Whereas many people’s relationships and wellbeing suffer from workaholism, your life will improve and you will soon earn the respect of your close ones and the freedom to live your fullest life.

2 - Define your Niche & Value

Building upon the personal foundations we establish in phase 1, we will then progress into the business foundations that are necessary for your upcoming success.

I will teach you the secret Niche Selection Formula that will save you from wasting time and energy by giving you immediate direction and clarity. You will learn how to get in the head of your target market so that people will resonate with what you have to offer and be compelled to work with you. We will perform research and validate your ideas and assumptions by testing them against the undeniable truth of reality! This will give you the upper hand against the competition. Finally, I will show you how to filter for the right clients who you will enjoy working with and get results for, ensuring that you build your business on solid foundations. This phase is magically powerful! You will later look back and see how defining your niche and value properly makes everything else effortless.

3 - Package your Coaching into an Irresistible Offer

Without an offer, there is nothing to sell, and without sales, you are not in business. It’s that simple. Building upon the foundational work we did in phase 2, we will not simply write an offer. We will write an offer that your targeted ideal client simply cannot resist! This will ensure that you attract the right clients and that they feel compelled to buy from you. It will make selling easier, earning you an abundance of money to spend on living the life of your dreams. To accomplish this, we will define what makes a good offer and I will walk you through positioning your coaching service as valuable and unique. Writing your offer is one of the most fun parts of the program, and it is also the most important. We will also price your package so that your clients get tremendous value, while earning you enough to have all of your needs met and beyond.

4 - Share & Promote your Offer

Whether or not you have an audience, and whether or not you have a budget for advertising – I will teach you how to attract the exact right people who need your help and are willing to pay for it. I will show you where to find them and how to engage with them without coming off as salesy. I will walk you through the exact steps you need to take in order to build relationships and compile a list of highly-interested prospects. Soon enough, you will grow an audience of your own so that you can be noticed and shine! When left to do this alone, most coaches get cold feet and shy away, back into hiding. With my help, this process will become fun and yield amazing results; much easier than you expect!

5 - Enroll Committed Clients

Do you remember why you wanted to become a coach in the first place? To get paid abundantly for facilitating positive, lasting changes in people’s lives! Right?

The only way this is possible is by selling your coaching to the people who need it! So you can live in reality and not ‘make-believe’.  In this phase of the program, I will teach you how to do this effortlessly, so you can believe in yourself again. You won’t need to be pushy and people will thank you for enrolling them, because you will help and serve them. From the admin technicalities to a specific script you can read on sales calls, I will hand you everything you need to succeed at selling! I will coach you through getting in the right mindset to sell and feel good about it. I will give you the secret to helping people make the right decision despite all their doubts and excuses, so you stop feeling rejected and hating sales. By the end of this phase, you will be fully equipped to launch a successful business that will pay your bills, provide for your family and allow you to quit your boring job, and of course to pay for the cost of this program!

6 - Set Boundaries and Live Free

Of course, the third reason… you want to be a coach for the freedom. We all want that, and so few people ever get there. That’s because they fail to define and set their boundaries. I will teach you how to communicate where you draw the line with clients before you ever even meet! Phase 6 is critical to avoid that all the personal fundamentals gained in phase 1 get thrown out the window by disrespectful clients who would otherwise make their problems your personal priority. Educating your clients to behave well will empower them to solve their own problems, believe in themselves and be better people. It will also protect you from being overwhelmed and falling into unhealthy habits that ruin your relationships and the freedom you craved so much to begin with. I’ll even teach you how to travel while coaching and stay in full control of your life.

7 - Coach Clients to Success

Can you run a successful program that gets your clients results? I will show how. You don’t need to create and package all your content before starting and you don’t need a track record of helping people. As long as you are confident that you can help people, and you are fully committed to giving great service, this program will teach you how it’s done. You will learn how to structure your own program, turn it into an evergreen online course to generate passive income and impact lives worldwide

I will reveal to you the perfect content delivery plan so that you can feel confident in your program and look professional without ever feeling like a fraud who has to issue refunds. I’ll show you how to run the coaching classes without having to build in advance, so that you can avoid making mistakes in the content and can maintain balance in your life. The method I teach you will generate an army of raving fans who help do your marketing for you through word of mouth. With my guidance, you will be proud of yourself and earn the respect of everyone you work with.

8 - Automate and Delegate

This final phase of the program will really take your business to the next level. Whether you want to scale up to a 7-figure company or step away a little to enjoy time relaxing with your family, learning to automate and delegate is the key. In our most advanced clinic, we will discuss how to focus your energy only on the highest leverage tasks. By identifying which tasks you can stop doing yourself, we will free up your time and give you the opportunity to work exclusively in your zone of brilliance. I will teach you how to automate all the menial work, and our team can even set up your systems for you. Whether you’re a total geek or totally allergic to technology, you can enjoy the benefits of automation! Finally, we will touch on how you can hire people to scale your business and even further reduce the amount of undesirable work on your plate. I will teach you tips on managing people that I learned the hard way so that you can have an amazing experience with your business the first time around!

So in summary, over the course of 4 months, you will cover years worth of growth on both a personal level, and for your business.

How much are these lessons worth to you? I’ll tell you!

Get in the Success Mindset : $3,000
with popular coaching programs, truthfully priceless
Define your Niche & Value : $4,000
with a business coach over months of consulting
Package your Coaching into an Irresistible Offer : $3,000
with a copywriter who is no expert in your field
Share & Promote your Offer : $3,000
per month
with a digital agency
Enroll Committed Clients : over $5,000
per day
from a qualified sales trainer
Set Boundaries & Live Free : another
with that business coach who takes months...
Coach Clients to Success : $6,000
at a coaching school that knows nothing about business
Automate and Delegate : $4,000
on average although it’s hard to put a price on these invaluable life lessons
So the value of this program’s training alone is $32,000 which is still lower than many other VIP training programs for entrepreneurs.

Yet, you’ll still get so much more from this program!

Weekly coaching calls

Every single week, in addition to the training, you get to participate in calls with Adal Bermann to ask the questions most relevant to your specific situation and needs. The call won’t end until all of your questions are answered!

Valued at $300 each, you get to participate in 16 calls, for a total value of $4,800!

Unlimited Email and Video Feedback Support

That’s right, my team and I are 100% committed to your success, and we refuse to leave you struggling alone with all the work you are taking on to achieve your dreams. This program is not just about theory and concepts. My team and I will answer your questions as they come up. We will even give you our expert feedback on any content you create, from crafting your offer to designing your campaigns. Most of our feedback will be easy to consume video format so that there is no confusion. We have got your back and there will be no coach left behind!

Having a team of experts at your fingertip is something you would pay an agency a monthly retainer of $2,000 per month, for a total of $8,000 of extra value.

Mastermind Community of Coaches

We are building a community of like minded coaches, all driven by their heart to succeed, just like you. Image being surrounded by people just as inspired as you, facing similar challenges and supporting each other towards a common goal. That’s exactly what you will have access to, for life. 

Similar masterminds, less specific to coaches, typically range from $2,500 to $100,000 with $25,000 per year being a typical average. With coach.today’s program you will have lifetime access to our community at no extra charge!

Done For You Services - Our Team is YOUR Team!

Exclusively for alumni of the program, we offer a 40% discount on all of our technology and services. That means that you can have the same team that taught you how to build your business… build it for you! We have engineered top notch client attraction systems and business automation tools that will tie in perfectly with the model I teach and save you exponential amounts of time and effort as you grow. Let’s say you pick our Grow plan (normally $90 / month) and the Done For You service (normally $250 per month). Over the course of your first year alone, you will save $1,632 while knowing your business systems are set up and managed by the very best people in the industry, and who already know you better than anyone else ever will.


As if that weren’t enough, I’ve stacked even more value into the program to ensure that you get absolutely everything you need to succeed! Our bonuses are many, and include:

Legal contract templates

worth $300

Marketing email templates

worth $160

A very powerful sales script

worth $190

Objection handling guide

worth $60

A checklist for steps to success

worth $260

There are just some of the many bonuses and we keep adding more to the list. These alone add up to a value of $970.

Waoh, that’s a lot of value. Let’s recap:

  1. Life and Business Empowerment Training = $32,000
  2.  Months of Weekly Coaching Calls = $4,800
  3. Unlimited Support & Video Feedback = $8,000
  4. Mastermind Community of Coaches = well over $2,500
  5. Automation Systems Done For You = savings of $1,632
  6. Bonuses = $970

Grand total value of $49,902

Perhaps more than you can afford?
Luckily you will not pay that amount today.

Why? Because, 2 years ago I decided to put my life to the service of growing the coaching community. My vision is that a large enough army of coaches is what the human species needs to evolve beyond trauma, fear and violence to a state of love and cooperation.

For this very personal reason, I have decided to offer my coaching program for less than a quarter of it’s value, a mere $12,000.

For you, however, if you decide to enroll today, I have even better news.

Exceptionally, in honor of the first year launch of this program, I am enrolling the next 10 people to join at half the cost. That’s right, if you enroll and you happen to make that decision before the next 7 people who will join…

You can get full access to the pioneer’s edition of the coach.today Business Empowerment Program for a mere $6,000.

Only $6k for a program with a total value of $49,902 is an absolute steal for the first 10 coaches to enroll.

If you are still hesitant, let me simply say this.

I am so confident in this program’s ability to kick-start your coaching business and transform your life forever that if you are somehow not satisfied with the program, I will give you a full refund.

Let me say that again. This program includes a full money back guarantee.

You see, I know for a fact that the only person who won’t get value from the program is someone who is not a good fit. This program is for people who are truly committed to doing the work it takes to grow and achieve success rapidly. It is for coaches who are ready for this next step in their life, and for those who can genuinely create value for others and help them.

So now you know. 

A clear plan and a team to execute it are the keys to growing a successful coaching business and they’re attainable only through the coach.today business empowerment program.

If you are one of the first 10 to enroll, you get to transform your life forever, for a mere $6,000…

With a 100% Satisfied or Money Back Guarantee.

Now it's time for a decision.

The way I see it, you have three options:

Option # 1: Do absolutely nothing and stay exactly where you are right now.

If you are happy with what you are currently doing for work and don’t feel particularly inspired to live a more impactful and purposeful life…

Then maybe you don’t need this program.

If however you do want to shine, help others and live a life with more abundance and freedom, that leaves you with two other options…

Option # 2: Do it yourself.

You can read books, attend free webinars, peruse blog posts and watch countless youtube videos claiming to reveal the “one secret to success”. 

Then try to implement these ideas and see by trial and error if anything works. You might get lucky and land a few clients. Maybe even a couple of them will be a good fit.

If you have no pressing need to succeed and you are willing to work hard and spend months and years figuring things out, that might be good enough for you.

Option # 3: Let me show you the way.

I will guide you through each step of the process and put my team to work for you.

I will teach you everything I have learned and hand you the keys to an amazing engine of growth. All you need to do is show up and follow my instructions.

Trust the process and you’ll be coaching people you love before you know it. They will look up to you and finance your needs in return for your invaluable service.

Of these three options, ask yourself…

What is going to be easier for you?

You see, there are two types of people in this world:

  • Those who only dream about living their purpose without ever taking action to make it happen.
  • Those who are ready to take action when the opportunity presents itself.

Most people will tell you they want freedom, abundance and purpose, but we both know how few actually make it happen. It’s the classic tale of the wishful and the willful.

Since you’ve read this entire presentation to this point, I think you are one of the few special ones… one of the 10 pioneers I will welcome into the program before it turns into a group program.

If I am right and you are still with me…

Then go ahead and fill out an application to join, and pick a time to meet me in person.

Only you can decide.


This program is not a quick-rich program for people who only want money and are not interested in investing their true self into the betterment of people’s lives.

This program is not for people who are:

  • Negative
  • Moaners
  • Whiners
  • Excuse makers
  • Blamers
  • Takers
  • Quitters
  • Flakey
  • Liars
  • Don’t take ownership of own lives
  • Lack true value
  • Have questionable ethics
  • Know it all
  • Lack committed
  • Have a blame mentality
  • Are not invested in growth
  • Look for quick fixes

If you recognize yourself in any of these traits, please do us both a favor and think twice before wasting my time, or yours.

If not,